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National Interscholastic Lacrosse Coaches Association


National Interscholastic Lacrosse Coaches Association

NILCA is Dedicated to Serving
High School Lacrosse Coaches

The National Interscholastic Lacrosse Coaches Association (NILCA) was formed to provide dedicated service to high school lacrosse coaches throughout the United States. NILCA seeks to identify and provide solutions to issues raised by men’s high school lacrosse coaches. 

NILCA serves as the professional association for Men’s High School Lacrosse Coaches.  It provides educational opportunities and serves as a vehicle for networking, the exchange of information and advocacy on behalf of its constituency.

National Interscholastic Lacrosse Coaches Association

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Guiding Principles

  • To maintain a broad and active membership base of Men’s Interscholastic Lacrosse Coaches in the United States.

  • To provide a highly informative and motivational annual national convention.

  • To provide continuing education opportunities through regional and national programs and events.

  • To offer timely and relevant information via our newsletter and website.

  • To develop programs of strong and viable advocacy on behalf of Men’s High School Lacrosse Coaches.

  • To develop mutually beneficial relationships with other professional associations, governing bodies and school administrations.

  • To provide information services to media outlets, national governing bodies and to the public.

  • To continue to examine, review and plan how NILCA can enhance its viability and more effectively serve its membership.

National Interscholastic Lacrosse Coaches Association

Our Sponsors

We are thrilled to announce that AXIA Time has signed on as the Official Timepiece of the NILCA. We thought you might like to know about AXIA Time as you pursue your quest for a championship this season.


AXIA TIME makes ultra-custom, heirloom-quality timepieces that celebrate life’s greatest achievements. They’ve made commemorative timepieces for the Tewaaraton honorees and last four Division 1 National Champions (UVA, Maryland, and Notre Dame), AXIA TIME has made Championship timepieces for Deerfield, Jesuit Dallas, Radnor, McCallie and Highland Park, just to name a few. AXIA Time will also create a timepiece for our Hall of Fame inductees this fall. Stay tuned for that design to be revealed in the coming months.  


John Kanaras, a lifelong lacrosse guy, founded AXIA Time. He played for Howie Ratner at Baldwin High School and for Tony Seaman at the University of Pennsylvania. In fact, you probably already know him, you just don’t know it, yet. John was the goalie in the infamous “Air Gait” goal from the 1988 Final Four game between Syracuse and Penn. John claims those scars have (mostly) healed, but we’re not so sure… ☺


AXIA TIME has also partnered with Kyle Harrison to help build awareness about what they do, why they do it and what it represents. You can hear Kyle talk about AXIA Time here.


As you pursue your quest for a championship this season, we encourage you to consider connecting your team parents with John to explore creating an ultra-custom timepiece to commemorate your incredible season—his process is simple and risk-free. AND as added incentive to you all, he has also agreed to donate one additional Hall of Fame timepiece for a past inductee for each team that creates a custom timepiece this season. This will help up “catch up” all prior Hall of Fame inductees and ensure they all have heirloom-quality timepiece to commemorate their inductions to the NILCA Hall of Fame.


Learn more about Custom Timepieces with AXIA Time by visiting


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to John directly at




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Axia Time NILCA Sponsor
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